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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  September 6, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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and weather drama. huge changes in the forecast. all coming up next. car cops you don't need to pay for. the overkill for your wallet. and a wildfire burning down homes. and firefighters have a personal stake in the fight. the laborñr day movement fo the bay area's workers. i didn't call you guys. i don't know that anyone i know called you guys.
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>> publicity stunt? or a climb for a cause? 58 stories later, skyscraper man is in and out of jail and talking tonight. good evening, everyone. >> scaling the tower is a feet. the millennium tower, the fourth-tallest building in san francisco. and yet, it only took self-professed skate scaper man three hours to go from the sidewalk to the penthouse. >> reporter: his real name is dan goodwin. he was cited on two charges. he wanted to get the attention of homeland security. he claims he has an idea that would protect the thousands of people that live and work in skyscrapers and those charged with rescuing them.
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sporting blistered fingers and a smile on his face, dan goodwin said his climb of the millennium tower was a tribute to 2000. that's when he claimed he was asked to climb the world trade center. but a cancer diagnosis held him up. >> horrendous guilt. like i should have done something. >> reporter: dan says 9/11 surged him to revisit skyscraper safety. >> i call them skyscraper defenders. that are stationed permanently at the top of the buildings with helicopters. on helicopter pads. anyone who lives and works in skyscrapers, how safe do you really feel. >> reporter: today, those inside the millennium had to feel a shock, seeing a man with suction cups scaling the building. he said he did it largely for the firefighters, who are
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charged with rescuing people when things go wrong in these buildings. >> we're building the skyscrapers, taller and taller. and yet, we expect the firefighters to go charging into these buildings, risking their lives. >> reporter: they gave him water during his climb. and they helped him unfurl the american flag when he reached the top. but police say make no mistake, this was a waste of time and resources. >> the taxpayers of san francisco. we're using such a amount of resources because this individual decides to climb up the outside of a building. >> reporter: skyscraper man claims that was not a publicity stunt. but his team did post a press release on his website. he says he has another event planned for 9/11. it's not in the bay area. but he won't say where or what exactly he has planned. what do you think? is he calling attention to a good cause?
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or is he a public nuisance? logon to our website and post your comments. >> interesting take on it. thank you, vicki. after that drama unfolded, old glory got a first-class folding, as you can see. san francisco firefighters, properly folding that american flag that skyscraper man put on the millennium building before they took the flag away. happening now, a huge western wildfire, the burning down homes in colorado. 1,000 moments are evacuated in the foothills west of denver. nobody's been hurt. but an unknown number of houses have burned down, including four of firefighters battling the blaze right now. the terrain is steep and rocky. summer is not over yet officially. but today's sweltering heat will be coming to an end soon from
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now. >> it's 11:00. and we're still in the 70s. in parts of the bay area right now. 77 in concord. 73 in livermore. 72 in san jose. those are down from the highs where more than half of the bay area spent the afternoon in the low to mid-90s for the afternoon. we're starting to see low clouds reaspear on the coast. that's going to lead to big-time changes tomorrow. big cooling that will start off tomorrow morning in low clouds and patchy fog moving around the bay. and your afternoon temperatures will be dropping almost 20 degrees from today. we'll show you the impact from your seven-day forecast coming up. suspective cop shooter is expected to appear in alameda superior court tomorrow. the 20-year-old is accused of shooting fremont police officer, todd young. he was arrested the next day a
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quarter mile from the mexican border. he is charged with attempted murder and carjacking. pittsburgh police spent a fourth-straight day sifting through a landfill in the possible killing spree in east bay last week. they do have reason to think they will find the body of 35-year-old fred dick solis there. many of them were looking for the backyard of a vacant home. it is across the street from where solis' 73-year-old father was found. >> you think -- >> somebody did. it's anonymous. we have to follow-up on that stuff. >> police say trash from a hercules business park where they found one of the victim's park was taken to the pittsburg landfill. neighbors think the body they have been disposed off in a dumpster. a lucrative payout.
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and a new job to boot. a month after the scandal that chased him out of his office as ceo of hewlett-packard, mark hurd has a new job. oracle announced that hurd will be a president. oracle said in a statement today, he'll do even better at oracle. new at 11:00, marijuana workers in oakland are teaming up with the teamsters. about 38 workers voted to ratify a two-year contract with local 70. nbc bay area cheryl herd is looking at this tonight. >> reporter: the workers we're talking about are about to get a raise. and this growing industry is starting to unionize. joe sayer suffers from chronic
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back pain. he says he uses medical marijuana occasionally. and he believes unionizing workers who manufacture the medicinal pot he needs for pain, is a way to protect workers. >> i'm really surprised that we had to fight this long, when we have industries like the tobacco industry really taking advantage of people, the economy. >> reporter: an economy that is looking for something to pull it out of the recession. margin investments, located in oakland, provides medical marijuana used by patients suffering from cancer, hiv and other life-threatening illnesses. the move to unionize its workers is a way to grow the industry. >> about 12 years ago, the medical marijuana proposition passed. and this is just an extension. people are getting used to it. >> reporter: under the union contract, margin will pay for the workers' health care costs. >> manufacturing and any
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industry has safety hazards and some need to have protections. you know, this is labor day. and this is oakland. >> reporter: and oakland is leading the way in the medical marijuana industry. in 1996, california was the first state to legalize pot for medical use. now, in november, californians will decide if recreational pot will be legal. but when it comes to medical marijuana, unions are hoping more manufacturers will become a partner. emergenciy margin investment workers will also get a pension. right now they make about $18 an hour. they will soon make $26 an hour, in about a year. >> thank you. money can't buy you love. but if you make a certain amount, it can make a downpayment. and the political ad wars. jerry brown's first political ad
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is about to hit the air waves. also, the unnecessary car maintenance that may be costing you thousands of dollars. good evening, everybody. a surprise move by the 49ers. they sign a new player tonight. a heisman trophy quarterback. and a sobering moment in today's giants game. an update on that 13-year-old sent to a hospital by buster posey. tracking a big-time change in the weather. hot today and a big temperature drop coming to the bay area. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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your savings will be earning three times the national average. hmm. you gotta stop earning zippo, t-rex! get a higher rate, pterodactyl. interest plus savings at three times the national average. go to what's in your wallet? two spoons please! the race is joined tonight. jerry brown took a page out of the class cal political play book. using labor day to launch his television ad, that airs tomorrow. >> budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. >> reporter: in the end, jerry brown defends his record as governor. a record that meg whitman has
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been trying to tear down. whitman's camp has spent $20 million on ads alone. 45,000 of them have aired across california, according to brown's campaign. alt one of four campaign stops today, brown aused whitman of waging a campaign of deceit. >> we're dealing with aw"pñ can on the republican side that has no regard for truth. and when california came out of the recession, the revenue came pouring into the state because i left it healthy and structurally sound. >> reporter: the whitman campaign didn't back off in its response. after 40 years in politics protecting the status quo, it's no surprise that jerry brown is kicking off his campaign with a distortion of his own record. perhaps a taste of what we'll see on october 12th, when nbc bay area airs a debate. our coverageno begins at 6:30 o
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nbc bay area. and on our website, disfigured, an arizona woman, who had acid thrown in her face is trying to come to grips with why she was attacked. the second victim in a week. and like the first incident, it was a woman who threw the chemical. 41-year-old remembers the horrifying moment when she was ambushed. she was outside her apartment building when a woman approached her, flinging a cup of acid in her face. the attacker never said a word. the attack is eerily similar to one that happened days before in washington state. >> i could hear it sizzling. once it hit me, i could actually hear it bubbling and sizzling my skin. >> so far, no arrests have been made. the two women are trying to recover from the painful attack and move on with their lives. more empty shelves at pw
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markets in the south bay. two more san jose stores are closed. another store was closed last week. only four remain open tonight. store officials say they're not calling it quits. instead, they say they're reviewing their options. >> i'm disappointed and sad. this is the only grocery store in this area for a couple of miles. i'm pretty upset about that. >> more than 200 p.w. workers have been laid off. for smaller stores, it's becoming more difficult to compete with the prices offered by national chains. getting your car service is a tedious and costly endeavor. turns out you may be wasting thousands of dollars on that routine maintenance. we look why the old rules for an oil change may not need apply. >> reporter: when it comes to changing the oil in our cars, many, if not most of us, are like this guy. >> i change my oil every 3,000, just to make sure it's running
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tip-top. >> reporter: but based on new research, analysts and the respecti respective automotive research firm said it would be wasteful. >> you may be changing your oil three-times more often than you need to. and spending over $1,000 in unnecessary oil changes. >> reporter: instead of every 3,000. they say double it. at the very least. and your local mechanic will probably agree. >> changing it every 3,000 miles is overdoing it. >> quality of oil has improved so much in recent decades. and not to mention the technology of vehicles has also improved. >> reporter: edmunds sent to a laboratory oil from a car that was already gone 7,000 miles.
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some car manufacturers recommend oil changes every 20,000 miles, which edmunds research doesn't dispute. chances are, you checked your business e-mails during this day off. a survey founds that 72% of americans check their business e-mails outside of regular business hours. nights, weekends and holidays are no longer sanctuaries they used to be. while money can buy happiness, but to a point. a study by the national academy of sciences surveyed americans over a two-year period. and concluded that people feel happier as their income rises. they needed a study for that. it levels off about $75,000. those that go from making $100,000 to $200,000, feel more successful, but not necessarily happier. >> all right. money can't buy you anything that you want.
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mother nature gives it to you. >> if you like the hot weather you were fine. we had 90s. we are taking our sweet time cooling down. look at concord, 73 degrees still. 70 in livermore. we're starting to see changes around san francisco, where the onshore winds are picking up. let's take you into the south bay. about a half hour ago, we were sitting in the 70s. that cooldown, slowly, working its way into the bay area tonight. we'll see the dropping in temperatures. 60 in oakland. san francisco, waiting for the fog to reappear. 62 degrees, the northwest wind. as we go into tomorrow, it's a return of the low clouds on the coast. the air conditioning, as we like to say. as the sea breeze increases, temperatures, believe it or not, 70s and 80s.
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by wednesday, 60s and 70s. this is like a fall-like rollercoaster. big change. we're done with the heat. things turning a little dewy, as we head towards wednesday. air quality will be particular the next couple of days. good air quality all around the bay area. the satellite shows you the trigger for sea breezes. we have a system dropping down the coast. low clouds on the coast. the marine layer has deepened close to 1,000 feet. that cooler air as you're surging further inland through the next few days. still some 80s out there. 60s and 70s around the bay. that mainly heads over the sierra. and low clouds around the bay
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area. high temperatures on wednesday, a lot like the temperatures we're seeing outside right now. the highs in the 60s and low 70s for the afternoon. and temperatures will rebound into next week. big change, coming tomorrow afternoon. tonight, we'll see low clouds reappearing on the coast. clear skies inland. for your morning commute, you may run into dense, coastal fog. maybe sop mist along the shoreline. and some inland temperatures, 70s and 80s inland. we should see a 10-degree to 20-degree temperature drop tomorrow. and the trend continues on wednesday. your seven-day forecast. san jose, high of 70. that's a huge u-turn. we hit 93. 70 on wednesday. as we head toward the weekend, you'll see the temperatures rising up. a lot of heat around the bay area today. but big change coming through the middle part of the week next weekend looking mild. the unofficial end of summer.
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70 looks like it. >> all right. thank you. still ahead, the crowd, he gave them a thumbs up, as he left. how thatur h hurt in a freak accident in a giants game is doing tonig. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. tomorrow night, it's the top ten on "america's got talent." among them, jackie evancho.
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>> i started singing two years ago, when i just turned 8 years old. but learning the words aren't very hard because i don't know if this is a reason or not. but i'm a quarter italian. and most of the songs i sing are latin or italian. and i catch on very quickly. >> apparently, it hasn't been that hard for her. jackie isn't alone. the top-ten acts are a vocalist, but a magician and a cyclist. you can watch the contestants tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m., on nbc bay area right now. i want to see the cyclist. >> like the ceo of oracle. >> she's not a bit precocious. >> not at all. >> they're coming close tonight. everyone feeling good. except for buster posey. shaken up about his bat that went into the crowd, hitting the 13-year-old. we have an update on his
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condition. also, do you agree with what the 49ers did today? maybe a little odd.psy.e gu [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week. i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then one day... have you seen this? she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and tagging me. publicly. [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points
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for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. [ woman ] nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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good evening. here they go. they have to be the most compelling team in all of baseball right now. two kids in the hospital. and a wild playoff race. the padres won their game tonight. meaning the giants remain one game out of first place. earlier today, the rookie, we call him mad bum. >> mad bum? >> madison bumgardner. top of the ninth. gerardo parra. the diving catch. buster posey gets robbed of a base hit. there was a runner on third. two outs. that was the final out. the game remains scoreless until
11:29 pm
the 11th inning. nate schierholtz makes a mistake in the game. but redeems himself. that's a two-out triple. huff and posey score. imagine his career high. giants beat the diamondbacks, 2-0. here's how it stands, the wildcard race, the giants trail philly by 1 1/2 games. now, for the hospital part of the story. a painful reminder. be alert at a game. buster posey loses his bat. it hit a 13-year-old boy. cut his head wide-open. blood goes everywhere. a little girl was hospitalized. but she was hit by a pablo sandoval foul ball. thankfully, everyone was okay. >> i was telling my parents how he was really good. and then, he hit me in the head
11:30 pm
with a bat. >> sorry, buddy. totally, totally accidental, obviously. >> it was an interesting experience. >> well-spoken by the kid. let's get to the a's now. they're still kind of hanging in this race. this afternoon, at the coliseum, a's and mariners. coco crisp leads off the game. nice way to start. leads off the game with a home run. a's beat the mariners, 6-2. we're back in a moment wit he 49ers g see if you like it or not. [ bell rings ]
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interesting news out of the 49ers today. the 49ers released their third-string quarterback. nate davis. big preseason. big arm. big upside. but singletary blasted daste for his off-season work ethic. then, the niners went out and signed this guy. heisman trophy winner, troy smith. he was just cut over the weekend by the baltimore ravens. he'll be the 49ers' third-string quarterback. finally tonight, as the skyscraper guy scaling joe montana's millennium tower, there was plenty of action down below. how do we say it?
11:33 pm
elgero. it used to be the san francisco grand prix. sergio fernandez is the winner. back to our skyscraper guy. that is joe montana's tower. you can imagine joe montana hanging out today. >> on labor day, yeah. >> who are you? >> that's true. all right. thanks for being with us, everybody. >> we will see you tomorrow. bye-bye. hope you had a nice labor day.
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